Millennials Are All Different

Hey there,

So a little about me. I’m a Millennial. But not likeĀ those Milennials. Like all other humans, I’m different from anyone else. I have unique ideas, perspectives, and values. Here are a few ways I’m not like the people you read about in BuzzFeed articles.

  • I don’t live with my parents
  • I’m married with kids
  • I have a career
  • I’ve been supporting myself since I was in highschool
  • I don’t play pokemon go
  • I have a mortgage and a car payment
  • I’m not a Bernie Sanders supporter

And of course, a couple ways I’m just like every other Millennial…

  • Obsessed with facebook
  • I instagram pictures of my food
  • I like coffee, graphic tees, and irony
  • I send ugly chin pictures to my friends on SnapChat
  • I don’t watch the news on tv…or read printed newspapers.
  • I use way too many hashtags

I hope you enjoy following along as I blog about my thoughts on the upcoming election season in