No, Just…NO

Are you following the debates? Do they make you feel like kicking a puppy? No? Me neither. But seriously though, I just can’t even comprehend how much lower this whole election season has sunk in the past month. It’s inevitable. Hillary will win. America will lose.

The unfortunate fact at play here is that this election won’t have a winner. Not the elected president, not the people. Both of the two likely winners are the bottom dredges of society that belong somewhere quiet and with no power or twitter accounts.

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Just another millennial with strong opinions. I'm local to the Seattle area, and surprisingly, very conservative...I think. I'm not a Republican or a Democrat, but honestly I have trouble identifying myself by a political affiliation. I plan on voting for the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, for two reasons. First, Trump and Hillary are two heads on the same snake. Second, even though Johnson and I may differ on key issues, (abortion, for instance) our preferred methods of government are the same and have the same results.

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