And now everyone hates Jimmy Fallon

So yesterday, Donald Trump was on The Tonight Show as a guest of the host Jimmy Fallon. Fallon is easily the funniest and best of the talk show hosts. Definitely late night for sure. Ellen Degeneres might hold a candle but they’re in completely different categories. Anyways, if you have any sense of humor at all, watching Jimmy Fallon impersonate/skewer Trump is one of the best things on TV. I have to admit it’s bewildering to see how well Trump takes being made fun of to his face. I can only guess that he kicks a puppy afterwards to make himself feel better.

So last night Trump pays a visit to The Tonight Show–against his better judgement, I’m sure. I haven’t watched the full interview because there’s a self-destruct button inside me that doesn’t allow me to listen to Trump speak. All I know is that Jimmy Fallon did the one thing everyone who is anyone has wanted to do ever sine Trump was an 80’s millionaire dad with bad 80’s dad hair. He messed it up. Laughing hysterically, Jimmy Fallon reached across his desk and thoroughly destroyed the lifeless toupee wanna-be. It’s actually kind of grossing me out just to think about it. Jimmy ran his fingers through the hairspray-crusted hair on Donald Trump’s scalp.


One thing we can be certain of, Jimmy made a yuuuuuge mistake. No, not because Trump’s henchmen will make him quietly disappear, but because the internet decided that watching Donald Trump sit there with a sheepish look on his face while an adult messed up his hair made them like him just a tiny bit…and then they realized that they actually kind of thought Trump was kinda cool, and that thought alone was enough to make the collective internet recoil in horror at the thought of finding a politician of the opposite party like-able. The only logical next response was to melt into a puddle of self-loathing for all of two seconds and in those two seconds decide that no, it wasn’t their fault they had liked Donald Trump for a split second, it was…Jimmy Fallon’s fault. So yeah, everyone is deflecting their self-hatred onto Jimmy Fallon which is super mature.

Which brings us to a whole ‘nother problem. Why is it that disagreeing with someone’s values and actions automatically means we must hate them? Hillary the politician, I despise as a vile being of darkness. Hillary the elderly lady who collapsed in a coughing fit last week? I kinda want to bring her tea.

No word yet on whether or not Trump is going to change the name of his airplane if he gets elected, to Hair Force One.

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