Best Laid Plans

So I’ve mentioned before that I live in the Seattle area. I’m actually getting ready to move a little bit east! My husband and I have decided to build a house on land in Eastern Wa so we’re starting that process and getting excited about the possibilities. You can feel free to shoot me any house ideas on my contact page here.

We’ve already purchased the land and we’re working with a great local contractor to build our house from scratch. Eek! I’ll try to stay on topic here but it’s pretty dang exciting. We’ve got a ton of details to work out with our builder, Spokane General Contractor¬†and we’re looking forward to getting the work started.


Part of our motivation for moving out of the west side of the state is a lower cost of living and more affordable land. See? Not all Millennials are city dwellers. The other part of our motivation is to get to a county with lower taxes and less state government involvement. It’s not that I’m against local government, I’m the first one to admit that I have a library card and wouldn’t hesitate to call 911 in case of an emergency or gripe about road construction with the rest of you. However, the more government you have, the more it costs to feed said government, and the more taxpayers have to shell out. Plus, when you get a whole bunch of overpaid government employees, history shows us that they tend to come up with more annoying laws. Just to make life harder, without making it better.

Plus, Clinton has Washington State eating out of her grubby little hands with all the perverse special interest groups and lobbyists that will do anything she says just so they can get a leg up and vice versa. Ever heard of Montesano? Please try and prove they aren’t in bed with the federal government and lobbying various career politicians.

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Just another millennial with strong opinions. I'm local to the Seattle area, and surprisingly, very conservative...I think. I'm not a Republican or a Democrat, but honestly I have trouble identifying myself by a political affiliation. I plan on voting for the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, for two reasons. First, Trump and Hillary are two heads on the same snake. Second, even though Johnson and I may differ on key issues, (abortion, for instance) our preferred methods of government are the same and have the same results.

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