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It’s time we introduced the key player here.


That’s right. This post brought to you by COFFEE. Who are we kidding? This whole blog is powered by the brew of roasted beans. I feel that it just really wouldn’t be right to proceed here in any sort of intelligible fashion without giving credit where credit is due. Coffee really is amazing, isn’t it?

Of course, I’ll admit that I don’t actually drink drip coffee. I’m a millennial, so I either drink hand-pulled shots of organic shade-grown, sustainably-sourced, fair-trade espresso, french press or cold brew in organic, raw, pastured milk with organic maple syrup. Wow. I feel snooty even writing that out. Sheesh.

Anyway, Coffee asked me to make sure you knew how important Coffee is to me. Coffee felt that you might have a better appreciation for life if you had someone like Coffee on your side. Coffee cares. What can I say? There’s something about the Pacific Northwest that gives you a deep appreciation for something that can rouse you to action on dark and rainy days. 

Alright, moving right along before that gets any weirder. If you’re an adult in the real-world with actual responsibilities and bills, then sometimes you need a little helping hand to have intelligent conversations and opinions concerning politics. That’s where coffee comes in.

So, today I wanted to talk about the difference between Capitalism, Cronyism, and Socialism. I’m no expert here but if I’m writing for a fellow millennial, I’m going to guess that both of our strong opinions do not necessarily come from a background in economics and law, but a strong sense of right, wrong, and personal freedom. You see, it’s been nothing short of #facepalm irritating to watch all the other millennials this election season rage against the machine of corporate politics whilst holding up a banner of Bernie Sanders. Truth be told, millennials don’t know it but they’re the most capitalistic generation since…well, capitalism.

I know, I’m telling you what to think again. It’s true though, the whole premise behind the Sanders campaign was that if they could convince a bunch of idiots that capitalism and cronyism are the same thing, then they could convince them that socialism was the only real solution.

The cronyism model: my company is in bed with the federal government. I give them money, and they allow me to operate with minimal competition.

The socialist model: my company IS the federal government and there is no competition in the market because it’s all free and paid by the state.

The capitalism model: my company is one of many in a small marketplace and we’re all winning or losing based on our ability to deliver the best products/services for the best prices.

Now, lets take that and apply it to health insurance.

The cronyism Insurance: There is very limited competition in the insurance marketplace because of unnecessary federal involvement, and the result is high prices and poor care.

The socialist Insurance: There is no competition because there’s only one source for insurance–the federal government. The result is poor care, longer wait times, massive shortages of healthcare providers, and a tax rate that make business owners fail and middle to upper-class wage earners get offshore accounts.

The capitalist Insurance: tons of competition from many local and small insurance providers, where each seeks to out do the competition in terms of price, care, and availability. Cons? It will cost money, but over all provide a better value to low-income earners. Pros? Better care, better staffing from healthcare providers, and a price that allows the vast majority of employers to offer it to their full and part time employees.


Okay, so I know there were a lot of broad generalizations there. Do you see where I’m going with this?

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Just another millennial with strong opinions. I'm local to the Seattle area, and surprisingly, very conservative...I think. I'm not a Republican or a Democrat, but honestly I have trouble identifying myself by a political affiliation. I plan on voting for the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, for two reasons. First, Trump and Hillary are two heads on the same snake. Second, even though Johnson and I may differ on key issues, (abortion, for instance) our preferred methods of government are the same and have the same results.

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