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Hey Readers! Okay, so a couple things I should say before I kick this blog off. First, I will not be only talking about how amazing Gary Johnson is. He’s cool, I’ll probably vote for him, but he’s not the best candidate running and I don’t agree with him on all the issues. Typical Millennial, I know. I just wanted to touch on that real quick before I say too much more.

I mean, as a pro-life Libertarian, I should have plenty of issues with him on paper. However, in real life, the fact remains that Republicans have done very little to change abortion laws in this country. Very, very, little. Johnson is personally opposed to abortion, but he says that he doesn’t think he has the right to take that right away from another person. I find this concept tobe a complete perversion of what the Libertarian Party stands for. Libertarians believe (in a nutshell) that we should live, and let live. That means if you’re gay, the government shouldn’t have a say in whether or not you get married. It also means that if you’re a cake baker, you shouldn’t have to bake a cake for a gay couple if it goes against your values. If you don’t want to carry guns, don’t, but if you’re a responsible gun owner, fine. And so on and so forth. The place where that logic falls apart is when you get into abortion. To say that you don’t want to take away the right to choose from a woman, is to say that a fetus has no person-hood and thus no rights. This is scientifically and categorically untrue. The whole premise of Libertarianism is that you can’t take take away personal rights and you can’t infringe on those rights. Abortion is not a libertarian value.

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Just another millennial with strong opinions. I'm local to the Seattle area, and surprisingly, very conservative...I think. I'm not a Republican or a Democrat, but honestly I have trouble identifying myself by a political affiliation. I plan on voting for the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, for two reasons. First, Trump and Hillary are two heads on the same snake. Second, even though Johnson and I may differ on key issues, (abortion, for instance) our preferred methods of government are the same and have the same results.

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