Best Laid Plans

So I’ve mentioned before that I live in the Seattle area. I’m actually getting ready to move a little bit east! My husband and I have decided to build a house on land in Eastern Wa so we’re starting that process and getting excited about the possibilities. You can feel free to shoot me any house ideas on my contact page here.

We’ve already purchased the land and we’re working with a great local contractor to build our house from scratch. Eek! I’ll try to stay on topic here but it’s pretty dang exciting. We’ve got a ton of details to work out with our builder, Spokane General Contractor and we’re looking forward to getting the work started. (more…)

I Gave Up

Well, I really meant to follow every twist and turn in this election cycle with my scathing opinions and conservative libertarian millennial perspectives, but I just gave up too fast.

One second I was along for the ride, and the next I sitting in a muddy pothole in the middle of a deserted road watching the crazy election train bump its way down the road without me.

As the election season came to a close, I, like probably most Americans, realized that one of two heads on the same snake was actually going to get elected. We all thought it was going to be Clinton, so election night this past November was nothing short of electrifying. All the votes were being recorded in real time and very easily accessible online, and yet news station after news station refused to read current results which would point to an inevitable win by Donald Trump. Denial. I’m not saying I was sad to see Hillary lose or that I am pleased with a Trump win…I just can’t believe this is how it ended.

I live in Eastern Washington where the politics of the state are unfortunately decided by Western Washington. In the area I live which is near Spokane, Wa, I would say that most people are conservative and voted for Trump. As a conservative Libertarian, it is irritating that my values and the values of the entire geographical half of a state do not get counted.

Please keep checking back for new posts. I intend to continue to blog as we watch this Trump presidency unfold. This post is also being sponsored by a friend of a friend who has a tree service company in Spokane. Visit A1 Tree Service and Stump Removal for more information. I can’t afford to charge much for sponsored posts yet, so if you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring a post, let me know!

No, Just…NO

Are you following the debates? Do they make you feel like kicking a puppy? No? Me neither. But seriously though, I just can’t even comprehend how much lower this whole election season has sunk in the past month. It’s inevitable. Hillary will win. America will lose.

The unfortunate fact at play here is that this election won’t have a winner. Not the elected president, not the people. Both of the two likely winners are the bottom dredges of society that belong somewhere quiet and with no power or twitter accounts.

And now everyone hates Jimmy Fallon

So yesterday, Donald Trump was on The Tonight Show as a guest of the host Jimmy Fallon. Fallon is easily the funniest and best of the talk show hosts. Definitely late night for sure. Ellen Degeneres might hold a candle but they’re in completely different categories. Anyways, if you have any sense of humor at all, watching Jimmy Fallon impersonate/skewer Trump is one of the best things on TV. I have to admit it’s bewildering to see how well Trump takes being made fun of to his face. I can only guess that he kicks a puppy afterwards to make himself feel better.

So last night Trump pays a visit to The Tonight Show–against his better judgement, I’m sure. I haven’t watched the full interview because there’s a self-destruct button inside me that doesn’t allow me to listen to Trump speak. All I know is that Jimmy Fallon did the one thing everyone who is anyone has wanted to do ever sine Trump was an 80’s millionaire dad with bad 80’s dad hair. He messed it up. Laughing hysterically, Jimmy Fallon reached across his desk and thoroughly destroyed the lifeless toupee wanna-be. It’s actually kind of grossing me out just to think about it. Jimmy ran his fingers through the hairspray-crusted hair on Donald Trump’s scalp. (more…)

Body Doubles?


I mean, I’m not surprised. Hillary Clinton has battled health issues many times on the campaign trail. If I had someone that looked so similar to me, you can bet I would pay them bribes to campaign in my place. I don’t even doubt this a tiny bit. Does that make me a conspiracy theorist? Maybe, but in my defense, the Clintons did this to me.


Just a Skoche

It’s time we introduced the key player here.


That’s right. This post brought to you by COFFEE. Who are we kidding? This whole blog is powered by the brew of roasted beans. I feel that it just really wouldn’t be right to proceed here in any sort of intelligible fashion without giving credit where credit is due. Coffee really is amazing, isn’t it?

Of course, I’ll admit that I don’t actually drink drip coffee. I’m a millennial, so I either drink hand-pulled shots of organic shade-grown, sustainably-sourced, fair-trade espresso, french press or cold brew in organic, raw, pastured milk with organic maple syrup. Wow. I feel snooty even writing that out. Sheesh.

Anyway, Coffee asked me to make sure you knew how important Coffee is to me. Coffee felt that you might have a better appreciation for life if you had someone like Coffee on your side. Coffee cares. What can I say? There’s something about the Pacific Northwest that gives you a deep appreciation for something that can rouse you to action on dark and rainy days.  (more…)

First Post Ever!


Hey Readers! Okay, so a couple things I should say before I kick this blog off. First, I will not be only talking about how amazing Gary Johnson is. He’s cool, I’ll probably vote for him, but he’s not the best candidate running and I don’t agree with him on all the issues. Typical Millennial, I know. I just wanted to touch on that real quick before I say too much more.

I mean, as a pro-life Libertarian, I should have plenty of issues with him on paper. However, in real life, the fact remains that Republicans have done very little to change abortion laws in this country. Very, very, little. Johnson is personally opposed to abortion, but he says that he doesn’t think he has the right to take that right away from another person. I find this concept to (more…)